Bank Transfer
• When creating an order, we will send a proforma invoice with payment information to your email address.
• Order number
• IBAN of the recipient
• Amount
• Invoice specification of the order and additional costs (if any)
• Model 00 and the call to the recipient’s number, INDICATE THE OFFER NUMBER
• Purpose of the payment
• Make the payment by paying based on these data in the bank, post office, Internet banking or other ways where payment can be made.
• After your payment has been posted and registered with us, the process of delivering the goods is started.

Payment by cash on delivery – in case the user wants the option Payment by cash on delivery, it is necessary to select Burmese payment. After creating the Order, send us an email with a note that you have created the order and that you want to pay it to the Borrower. After that, we will contact you within 24 hours (working days) and make an individual order for delivery and cash on delivery payment.
(After choosing Burmese payment, a purchase order will be automatically created and payment information will be sent to your e-mail, however, since you want to pay for the order by cash on delivery, ignore the payment information you received and wait for a new order.)
PAYMENT BY COLLECTION: in case the customer chooses payment by cash on delivery. An additional fee of HRK 10 (HRK 8 + VAT) is payable.

The price of calling the contact number for support or complaints is:
• 098 9712 922 equal to the price of calls to mobile networks in the Republic of Croatia, and depends on the telecommunications operator used by the caller
“All payments will be made in Croatian currency. The charged amount on your credit card account is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations.

ORDER BOOK (received by e-mail by selecting Virmanski payment) – do not charge the user or debit the user. For this reason, in order to know that your purchase order is a specific purchase, the process of delivery of the ordered goods starts after the user pays according to the created purchase order.

After your payment is recorded in your virtual wallet, Bonus A will be recorded.
After the payment of the purchases of the users you invited and all those users who are in your group is recorded in your virtual wallet, bonus B, C, D, E or F will be recorded depending on your level of the individual user who made the purchase .
You can spend the collected amount on a discount for future purchases in Superklub.
For questions or difficulties with payment, contact us at

Protection of personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council No. 2016/679-Regulation and Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation

Payment options:
– Burmese payment
– Payment by cash on delivery – by written request in the note when creating the order

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